Pro Pest Adds the Arborjet System To Its Repertoire

Pro Pest has acquired the ArborJet tree injection system for a new approach at ridding trees from ailments and invasive tree pests.  Trunk injection of trees efficiently treat many different insect and disease problems in a manner that limits environmental exposure. This procedure uses the least amount of pesticide per integrated pest management and conventional methods.  Special injection tools are involved which place and seal the insect control directly into the trunk where it is quickly taken up by the vascular system and distributed throughout the tree.

These are called Arbor plugs and are designed to: create a tight seal in the tree, sustain accurate pressure throughout the injection process, minimize the number of injection sites, limit wounding and speed up healing while inhibiting infection from entering the site of the injection.  This technology has been under development for ten years and it finally has arrived here at Pro Pest Control.

We are currently using this method to cure large trees and palms from the White flies that have been ever present here in South Florida.  To schedule an appointment for our arbor jet services for your trees please Contact Us so we can rid your trees of pest problems hastily.

Check out this 2 minute video where the ArborJet system is explained in detail.

White fly invades South Florida!

There has been an outbreak of Fig White fly in South Florida and you must be prepared to fight the infestation.  Read the page attached for more information regarding this recent find.

Fig White Flies Attack South Florida!

Proper Watering of Lawns

Many companies will not  if an home owner waters their lawn properly they will be more inclined to have a healthy lawn that is free of pests and fungi.  Improper lawn maintenance is the main reason for weeds and other undesired growth and is almost certainly always over looked as the reason for dissatisfaction.  These are some proper techniques to watering your lawn, be sure to adhere to any water restrictions that may be implemented in your area.

Lawn Watering Techniques

Watered lawn

Well Maintained Lawn

If you live in South Florida Pro Pest Control can handle all of your potential problems so contact us if you have any questions and be sure to receive your free estimate.

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When We Arrive They Don’t Survive

Welcome to the new website of Pro Pest Control Inc! We are excited to update our current and potential customers on all that is occurring in the pest control world here in South Florida.  Our service is here to help protect your home, family, and pets from the pests that can cause irritation, spread disease, and damage your home and belongings.

We have developed a reputation based on pride and professionalism at an affordable price.  At all times a uniformed licensed technician will be servicing your property equipped with the latest materials and technology.  We also offer lawn and ornamental spraying and fertilization programs.

So please check out our services and call for a free quote today!


Wayne Bellando

Pro Pest Control President


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