South Florida Palm Tree Care and Maintenance

palm tree care and maintenanceProper fertilization can help your South Florida Palm Tree Care and Maintenance. Ornamental and palm trees develop strong root systems and help older plants come alive with color and overcome disease, insects and other harmful stresses. Pro pest will provide fertilization programs to feed each customer’s needs. Regular inspections of your property are an important part of our program.

We check the condition of every part of your landscape to verify our own performance and keep you informed of any special needs. Should you ever have a concern of any kind we listen closely and respond fast to assure your complete satisfaction. Let us begin a regular program of palm and ornamental care with a free written analysis of their nutritional, health and maintenance needs.

Need help with your Palm Tree Care and Maintenance?
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Pro Pest Control would like the opportunity to take care of your palm tree care and maintenance services on your property. We offer all types of fertilization, insecticides, fungus and weed control programs for your South Florida lawn and ornamentals.


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Welcome to our newly designed website. Please check back as we will be adding pest control articles and information on a regular basis.

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