Pro Pest Control Inc. offers all types of protection and removal of wild animals.  We can cure your property from rodents, possums, and raccoons.

For a Rodent Control problem we offer both preventative and removal remedies.  If you are located by a body of water ranging from a stream to a lake the chances of having rats are increased due to the animals preference to live in a damp environment.  To prevent your home/office from getting rats we would use rodent bait stations filled with rodent bait and place them on the perimeter of your building.  The rodent would consume the bait which has a poison that finishes the process.

We would also place baited sticky or snap traps in strategic spots in the home that would catch the rodents not allowing it to remove itself.  This allows for easy disposal and removal of the problem.

If you have a possum or raccoon running around your complex or home our Rodent Control service can get rid of these animals for you.  You do not want to try and catch these animals yourself as they have a high probability to be contaminated with rabies.  We have specific cages and mechanisms to catch these animals without hurting them which we then remove from the premises and dispose of properly.

Rodent Control Coral Springs & Parkland

If you live in South Florida Pro Pest Control can handle all of your potential problems so contact us if you have any questions and be sure to receive your free estimate.